The classification of the wood chipper

Wood chipper has two types: fixed and mobile. Stationary for more factories; Mobile is commonly used in forest ShanChang. According to the structure of working parts points drum chipper and disc chipper two kinds, according to the feeding way points and oblique mouth feed multi-sprue feeding two types of peace.

(1) drum chipper. Mainly used for cutting under 120 mm diameter or thickness of branches, used.usually wood, slab, strip, etc., after cutting wood, used as the material of fiberboard and paper pulp. Its cutting mechanism is a rotating drum, the above installed several fly knife, knife throwing rotates to wood processing into the process of wood. On the drum flange have more than one square hole, can make the wood smooth discharge; Feeding mechanism by the incoming interface, the upper and lower feed roller and feed adjustable gap of institutions, from the incoming interface into the wood by upper and lower feed roller pressure, and with a certain speed to feed cutting mechanism, control the size of cutting wood; In the thick wood machining, adjusted by feed adjustable gap. Woodchips after screening, larger must once again into the blade between the baffles and powder ?

(2) disc chipper. By the cutter, cutting knife, bottom knife, knife blades and so on (figure 2). Cutter cutting blade groove, front has installed along the radial partial 10 ° ~ 15 ° layout. Blade at the bottom of the mat with wedge adjusting block to adjust the blade out; The back is equipped with adjustable spacing block, to adjust the blade length compensation after grinding. On the cutter along the direction of the edge of aperture, peeled chips can be transferred to the other side of the knife dish. Cutter edge uniform configuration of leaf, leaf of airflow to wood of discharging mouth blown out, filtered, too much into the crushing machine. The machine has a little knife, knife and helical surface knife three types, the first two cutting wood evenness are poor, helical surface knife disc chipper because in the process of cutting cutting surface