The introduction of wood chipper

Wood chipper is a kind of special equipment for the production of wood, wood chipper is also called wood microtome, belong to one of the series of wood processing equipment. Widely used in textile, paper making, pulping, man-made board, etc in the process of production preparation section. The machine's main raw material is cutting path after peeling wood, bamboo, fuelwood slab materials and cutting time remaining material, etc.

Wood chips were used as the material of paper pulp, hydrolysis and man-made board.

In the 1870 s, northern Europe, North America's first production and forestry developed countries use the chipper with just 3 ~ 4 cutting knife. Appeared in the 1940 s, more than six put above cutter knife cutting machine. In the 50 s and new type of spiral surface of the knife dish knife chipper, further improve the performance of the wood chipper. Forestry machinery research institute of China's ministry of forestry in the 70 s as a mobile joint chipper, can at the same time of qualified wood shavings, wood chip screening and completing the wind to the bunker or transport vehicle in the operation, thus greatly improve the productivity of wood shavings.