The structure and principle of the shredder

The structure and working principle of the shredder: shredder has two main components "paper cutting knife" and "electric motor", between the belt and gear closely linked together, the motor drive belt, gear, energy transmitted to the paper cutting knife, and paper cutting knife by turning, chop the paper with a sharp metal angles.

On the market some shredder can choose two or more shredding ways. Different ways of scraps is suitable for different occasions, if is general office occasions select section shape, granular, filiform, strip is ok. But if it is used in some higher occasion to confidential requirement must use foam shaped. Currently adopts the way of four knife shredding is the most advanced way of working, scraps of paper, neat and agile, can achieve the result of a secret.

Shredder cutting principle are dislocation placed blade or cutting tool, under the action of power source, tear the paper. If the knife or blade set point, effect of section shape or granular, shredding, if there is no point, knife or blade set effect as strips.