Notes In The Trailer

1. Should choose color eye-catching trailer tools, such as yellow, blue, green fluorescent, fluorescent red and so on. Color is not marked hung colored cloth on the trailer tools. Night with reflective material as far as possible when the trailer trailer rope or tow bar, increasing the warning effect.

2. Before and after the trailer tools in vehicle trailer hook position for installation on the same side, such as trouble truck for the left hook, then the tractor also should choose the left hook, straight after guarantee on the road. And when installing a trailer hooks must post-mortem, ensure coupling installation have to tighten, to avoid dragging coupling in use process pop-up cuts.

3. Pay attention to the car before and after communication to cooperate. Trailer science there are many, including cooperation between before and after the car driver is very important. Trailer should formulate reasonable route between former driver, avoid the complex road conditions and traffic jam. If there is no radio as a communication tool, you need to before the road agreed on a good start, deceleration, turning, downhill operations such as communication signals, auto control consistent to do.

4. Control the safety car. Using tow rope tow truck to prevent collision, need to master good car distance and speed. General trailer for 5 ~ 10 m or so the length of the rope, so the car distance should be controlled within the effective range in the tow rope, keep the tow rope in a state of tension. When the trailer below 20 km/h speed.

5. The road vehicles should be opened before and after the double flash warning light, along the outer lane, can also be tractor rear paste "trailer" logo sign for other cars to drive carefully.