The Lawn Mower Effects On Agricultural Production

Development of agricultural mechanization, improve work efficiency, improve the efficiency of agricultural production, in the us such an agricultural country appear as important lawn mower as the tool of plays an important role in agricultural production, has the most direct impact on crop production, the invention of it is a great progress of human civilization. Lawn mower (Lawn mower) is also called the weeding machine, Lawn mower, Lawn trimming machine, Lawn mower is a kind of machine tools for mowing the Lawn, vegetation and so on, has the branch of diesel and gasoline engine. It is made of the knife dish, engine, wheel, traveling mechanism, the blade, armrest, control components, etc. Blade using high-speed rotating engine output speed greatly improved, saving a weeding workers operating time, reduce a lot of human resources. In the state of the development of animal husbandry mechanization, new lawn mower research is developing towards the direction of high speed and energy saving.