The Lawn Mower Maintenance After Use

Lawn mower after use, shall be to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, and check whether all the screw fastening, the oil level of the oil is in accordance with the provisions of, whether air filter performance is good, the blade with and without defects, etc. Based on the use fixed number of year of the lawn mower. Strengthen the inspection or more vulnerable parts, and periodic maintenance.

1 oil maintenance lawn mower before each use. To check the oil level of oil, whether in oil scale scale up and down between phone use should be oil change after 5 h, 10 h after the oil should be replaced again, according to the requirement of the specifications after oil change on a regular basis. Under the engine should be in the engine oil change, to ensure that all waste oil can be ranked. Filling the oil cannot too much, otherwise will now: a spare hard and black stretching, underpowered excess carbon deposit (cylinder, spark plug, small gap), the phenomenon such as engine overheating. Filling the oil also cannot too little, otherwise will now: accelerate engine gear noise big, the piston ring wear and damage, even now he wait for a phenomenon, caused severe damage to engine.

2 not smooth engine operation reasons: throttle position as the biggest, air door in the open; Spark plug wire loose; Water and dirt into the fuel oil system; Air filter too dirty; Improper carburetor adjustment; Engine set screw loose: engine crankshaft bending. Method: cut the throttle switch: according to the firm spark plug perimeter; Cleaning tank, rejoin the clean fuel; Clean air filter or replace filter; Reset carburetor. Flame-out after check engine set screw: correction or replace a new crankshaft axis.

3 engine can't stall reason: accelerator cable is installed on the engine properly; Throttle line fault; The throttle activity insensitive; Off line can't contact. Method: to install throttle line; Replace the new accelerator cable; To the gas activity location drip a small amount of oil; Check or replace the off line.

Draining grass in four reasons: low engine speed. Product grass the grass mouth; The grass humidity; The grass is too long, too tight; The blade is not sharp. Method: weed lawn mower inner product; Lawn with water and dried before cutting; Twice or three times cut, each time only cut grass long 1/3; The blade grind the sharp.