Trailer Of Correct Operation

1. Find the traction vehicle rear and traction vehicle in front of the trailer hook position. Many design at the bottom of the bumper car trailer hook position, generally marked a clear position in the vehicle manual, owners can also be found by looking at front and rear bumper has a hidden space, used here round or square lid cover the position location is car trailer hooks.

2. Some of the car trailer hooks are separable, need when use for assembly. After the lid of the bumper, assembling onboard.

3. Install the trailer. Whether choose soft or hard trailer tools, when installation are intended to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable when the car hook, towing hook design with the needs of the safety lock locking in place. In front of the driving trailer connection situation before and after check again. Is not installed on both ends of the towing hook soft trailer rope to bind slipknot when use, if after shooting knot after the pull of the big traction trailer rope is very difficult to solve.

4. Tractor use 1 block, ensure high torque to provide enough traction, the tractor at the same time the need to control the speed, stable, increase power output when feel a slight resistance. Manual models to avoid fierce to lift the clutch pedal, using half linkage slowly at first, in order to avoid damage to the car.