Use A Lawn Mower General Security Issues Of Gasoline

When start the lawn mower, do not let start rope suddenly bound; Cut the grass to look at you in front of the 3 to 4 feet (0.9 to 1.2 meters); When crossing the road or driveway, you have to shut a lawn mower; Cut the grass on slope, walking self propelled lawn mower can only be used for cross slope cutting grass; The lawn mower, unless disconnect the spark plug wiring must be manned; Do not adjust the height of the lawn mower when the engine is still is running or remove the straw bag set, clean up the grass; Do not tilt the lawn mower, always make four wheels on the ground; Do not pull the direction of the lawn mower to your; Do not lift or repair the lawn mower engine is running; Do not close to the heat of the engine. The temperature of the silencer can be as high as 1200 f (648 c); Do not gasoline in the house or inside the petrol tank filled up oil; Overflow splashing of gasoline to erase immediately; Pour petrol into the tank of not more than three-quarters of the fuel tank, gas expansion when they are heated, Smoking is not allowed when pour petrol into the tank; Refueling, be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire, and let the engine cooling 2 minutes. Gasoline splashes on heat engine may cause explosion.